Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?

Hi folks and welcome to my new home on the web here at https://www.steves.life . Not going to make this too long as I’m not sure this will actually post — if it does, setting up WordPress and migrating posts over from my other blogs was way easier than I thought it’d be. Undoubtedly I still have things that are broken, so I’d appreciate it if someone could take a second and try to comment on this post.

Very excited to hopefully be up and running,


2 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?”

  1. You are live, and I guess we will find out if you get comment notifications. You can remove the “just another wordpress site” from you pages if you like. I am not telling you to remove it, just letting you know it can be removed.

    • Thanks, I did forget to move that tagline, will do it in just a few minutes. I am really amazed how well the setup have gone thus far. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment.


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