Welcome to the Thoughts and Ramblings of Steve. I blog and podcast about accessibility, disability, assistive technology, all things tech and the general crazy adventure that is my life. I hope you find this space of value, or perhaps even just a bit amusing, and hope you’ll join in the discussion.

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  • Quick tip: how to get rid of the iOS bubble sound when typing or using Braille Screen Input
    I’ve been using Braille Screen Input on iOS for years, as it helps me to type more efficiently. One thing that has bothered me though, whether typing with Braille Screen Input or the on-screen keyboard, is this bubble sound that VoiceOver occasionally makes. While that sound does have a purpose and an important one at […]
  • The easiest site migration ever.
    For years, Steves.life has been a self-hosted blog, however I’ve been toying with the idea of migrating it to WordPress.com. There are many reasons for my decision, the main one being that I can focus on writing and not have to play engineer when something gos wrong. One other really neat advantage of hosting with […]
  • My final thoughts as I wrap up the Ultimate Blog Challenge for August, 2021
    As August draws to a close, I wanted to blog about my final thoughts regarding the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The Ultimate Blog Challenge challenges blogger to publish a new post every day for the month of August. I decided to participate in the challenge in part because of the challenge aspect itself, but also because […]
  • Take Control of just about anything with Take Control Books
    It’s so rare to find reasonably priced, easy-to-understand books dealing with anything technical, that is unless you’ve heard of Take Control Books. The Take Control Books team publishes books on a wide variety of Apple and non-Apple related topics, most of which are priced below $15, even less if purchased as a bundle. I love […]
  • Sharing some fun piano Medleys that bring me joy
    Today I thought I would do something different and share some piano medleysthat bring me joy. Kurt Hugo Schneider is a composer, music producer, and director. Most of his work is on his YouTube channel https://www.kurthugoschneider.com/about/ I discovered Kurt once while having a bad day. I was searching on YouTube, just mindlessly looking for some […]