Welcome to the Thoughts and Ramblings of Steve. I blog and podcast about accessibility, disability, assistive technology, all things tech and the general crazy adventure that is my life. I hope you find this space of value, or perhaps even just a bit amusing, and hope you’ll join in the discussion.

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Recent posts

  • Tennessee high school students build robotic hand for classmate | Tennessee | The Guardian
    I don’t often share individual links via this blog, but I came across this story and, well, it was just nice to come across something positive for a change, so I thought I’d share.  What an awesome real-world problem for young students to tackle.  I hope more schools come across this and search for more […]
  • 100 Days of SwiftUI, my foray into understanding a bit more about how iOS works
    Ever since I was able to accessibly use an iOS device, an iPhone 3GS, I’ve imagined how awesome it would be to be able to develop my own applications. That excitement was very short lived though as I soon became aware of just how complicated developing an application really is. It’s a very involved process […]
  • The Ultimate Blog Challenge for October 2022 and a brief intro
    Many of you might remember that last year, I took part in something called the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a challenge that encourages bloggers to post every day over a given month. I really enjoyed the experience which not only helped me to write more regularly, but which also gave me the opportunity to connect with […]
  • An email attack, a Hilton hack, and a few lessons learned.
    I’d love to say it was a dark and stormy night, but the afternoon of August fourth started off like any other. I was busy working when I received an email on my personal email account, we’ve all gotten these sorts of emails, they say something like, “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, click […]
  • It’s a boat! It’s a tank! It’s the physical description of the Nokia X100 budget phone
    In my last post, I mentioned that I would provide a physical description of the Nokia X100, the budget phone I’m using to re-discover Android. As of this writing, T-Mobile offers the X100 for $252, however promotions can bring this price down even further. When I first beheld the Nokia X100, my initial impression was […]