Seeking a new VPN provider, does anyone have suggestions?

I’m looking for a new VPN provider and am curious if any of my readers use one that they would recommend. I’ve been extremely happy with my current VPN provider, ExpressVPN, but $116.95 billed every 12 months is frankly more than I want to pay for a VPN service that I only use occasionally. Ideally, the perfect VPN for me would:

  • Be accessible on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Allow 3RD party clients to be used if needed, such as if their main client becomes inaccessible because of an update or something.
  • Alert me if the connection has been dropped. After all, a VPN that would allow traffic to proceed normally if the VPN connection drops is not very useful. My work VPN has no trouble managing this, but I haven’t encountered a consumer VPN product yet that does this right — maybe I’ve just been using the wrong ones?

When reading various reviews for VPN services, they often contain a number of features that don’t interest me particularly although I guess they would be bonuses:

  • Ability to direct traffic through a specific country.
  • Ability to circumvent geolocation restrictions.
  • Additional products unrelated to the VPN itself such as password managers and the like.

If you use a VPN service that you like, I would definitely love to learn more. And if you can get some sort of referral credit by sharing an affiliate link, feel free to pass that along as well.

2 thoughts on “Seeking a new VPN provider, does anyone have suggestions?”

  1. Hey, it looks like WordPress fixed their issues with the Fed verse! I get emails when you post and I thought I would check mastodon to see if it was working. 🙂 this isn't going to really answer your question, but I use an eero router and it comes with a VPN. I have had one recommended to me in the past by a friend, it's called hide my ass. I'm serious, that's really what it's called. You might want to check it out.

    • Hahahaha what a great name for a VPN, I’m definitely going to have to look that up. I’m curious, the VPN provider you have with Eero Plus, is that accessible now? I mean I assume it is, but the reason I’m asking is I had Eero Plus maybe two years ago and they partnered with a VPN provider that, well, they needed accessibility help for sure. I’m not sure who they partner with now, but that’d definitely go a long way toward making Eero Plus worth it again for me if it works well and is accessible. Also, thanks for letting me know that the Fediverse stuff is fixed. I’m not sure what happens if someone comments that way or whether I can reply to those comments, but one thing at a time I guess. 🙂


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