Hello from Fargo!

We just arrived in Fargo a little wile ago in preparation for moving our daughter, Gabby, into college. This is Gabby’s first year at North Dakota State and she is very excited. Of course we hadn’t been in Fargo for more than ten minutes before we just had to go shopping for some stuff she absolutely can’t live without. So, while she’s shopping, I thought I would write a quick blog entry.

I’m surprised at just how many things there seem to be to do in Fargo. For example, next week is the Sister Cities Smokeout 2021.

Baked into the heart of Moorhead and its sister city, Fargo, are the common bonds of beer-safe cooking (safely grilling food with a beer in one hand) and giving your ears equal love with great tunes. Even better is having someone else wrestle up some good meat, pour a tall one and crank up the summer’s hottest playlist. You’re invited to Sister Cities Smokeout three full days of – Hot BBQ, Live Tunes and Cold Beer.

From Fargo current events page

A parade more your thing? Fargo has you covered there too with The Greater Moorhead Days Parade.

The Greater Moorhead Days Parade is back and will be better than ever! In an effort to continue to activate downtown Moorhead the Parade will be shifted to Center Ave this year. Join us as our community steps out to shine with floats and fleets from area businesses and organizations to this year’s theme: “Our Hometown- Celebrate Moorhead!”

Events page

And what better way to discover a city than through live music?

Events pageH2M is proud to announce the inaugural “Live & Local” concert series taking place throughout the summer of 2021. Produced by the Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) and Jade Presents, the primary goal of this free, family-friendly series aims to encourage attendees to explore new and exciting locations around Downtown Fargo and showcase the talent we have right here in our community and region. Each live music event will feature food and beverages as well as auxiliary activities for the whole family.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most though is Frostival, #ColdIsCool, six weeks of winter-themed events held during the coldest part of winter. While the 2022 Frostival schedule hasn’t been posted yet, check out the 2021 schedule and tell me some of these events don’t seem like a lot of fun.

And I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the many things that seem to be going on in Fargo. The neat thing is that, at least judging by all the events, there definitely seems to be a sense of community in Fargo and being able to find and connect to community is such an important thing in my opinion. I’m really excited for Gabby because not only will she have the opportunity to have a fantastic college experience, but she’ll have the opportunity to find her own sense of community and that’s something that can benefit her throughout her life..

By Steve Sawczyn

Blind from birth, I do what I can to help make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

4 replies on “Hello from Fargo!”

#Frostival that just tickles me because well it’s like my name. The older I get the more I hate #Winter and all that comes with it where I live but #Frostival just sounds fun. Good luck Gabby we’re all rooting for you and wishing you every good thing to fill this season of your life and beyond. ❤❄☃⛸


Thank you so much. We actually did get to experience a tiny bit of Frostival when we came to tour the school in January. Sadly, we had to get back home, but I definitely wanted to explore more.


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