This Day in History, a really cool site I just discovered

I wanted to share a site which I’ve always assumed must exist, but have never actually seen prior to today. This Day in History is a site which allows you to choose a date and see significant events that happened on that particular day. I confess I’ve been a bit mesmerized by this site over the past few hours, just picking various days and reading. It’s really kind of fascinating to choose a significant date and read what comes up.

For anyone who may want to use This Day in History with a screen reader, its quite doable. The currently selected date is a button, choosing that will allow the month to be changed by activating either the ‘previous’ or ‘next’ links. Once you’ve chosen the correct month, simply continue scrolling with the screen reader to activate the specific day. Events are structured with level 2 headings making it relatively easy to jump from event to event.

So, if you’re curious what event historical events may have happened on a particular day, This Day in History, might be worth checking out. Wish you could have a summary of the current day’s historical events Emailed to you every morning? You actually can! Subscribe here to have the current day’s historical events delivered directly to your inbox every morning.

I hope others enjoy This Day in History as much as I’m enjoying it. Now that I’ve learned that I can get the summaries Emailed to me, I may start adding them as entries to my Day One journal just to provide some additional context for the day.

By Steve Sawczyn

Blind from birth, I do what I can to help make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

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