Gabby’s Gifts and How You Can Help

As Christmas approaches many are thinking of the gifts they will give their loved ones and time they will spend with their family.

Last year when many kids were thinking of all the toys and gifts they were going to ask for, my little girl had only one item on her list. That item wasn’t a toy or clothes or even money. Her only wish was to help make a better Christmas for the kids that have to spend it in the hospital. I was so proud and knew I was blessed with a special little one. She raised over 300 dollars last year and we were able to purchase many gifts that were on the children’s wish list.

This year we are once again raising money to help supply gifts for the children at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. If you are interested in helping Gabby in her quest please consider making a donation using the button below.
Thanks for considering helping Gabby’s Gifts. And Happy holidays to you all.

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