Testing integration with the Fediverse

Recently, WordPress introduced a feature to enable blogs hosted on WordPress.com to be directly integrated with the fediverse. This is particularly exciting to me as I think the Fediverse has the potential to really bring people together in ways that “traditional” social media is not able to accomplish. Now if you’re reading this and wondering, “What the heck is the Fediverse?” you’re not alone. I’ll talk more about that and what the integration means to me and what it means for the blog in a future post, for now, I just want to test that things are working.

2 thoughts on “Testing integration with the Fediverse”

    • Unfortunately, my little experiment with posting directly to the Fediverse didn’t quite work out as planned, however, I think WordPress has — or is — fixing something on their end, so hopefully all will be working soon. Thanks for commenting, I’ll try and get a post out soon with more detail about this Fediverse thing and why I’m so excited about it. 🙂


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