Are you familiar with Penny Forward – financial guidance for people who are blind?

Today I would like to talk about a really cool resource that I think everyone should know about, Penny Forward. I am passionate about finance and financial literacy and find it unfortunate that so many people who are blind struggle to understand and navigate this complex landscape. Penny Forward is a group devoted to trying to bridge that gap by providing accessible resources, and a community where people can connect with each other to discuss all things relating to finance. From the Penny Forward mission statement:

Penny Forward’s mission is to help blind people build the knowledge to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance through education, mentoring, and mutual support.

Mission statement found on Penny Forward’s About page

Penny Forward envisions a world where blind people have the financial knowledge and resources to confidently whether hard times, take advantage of rare opportunities, and more powerfully support causes they deeply care about. 

Penny Forward’s vision statement

I’ve really enjoyed participating in and interacting with the Penny Forward community. I’ve found that a variety of financial aspects are discussed: Accessibility of financial resources, information about understanding and establishing credit, information about Able accounts and how to take advantage of them, discussions around budgeting and budgeting apps, discussions for people who are new to investing, and much much more. I’ve found the community to be one built on respect and comprised of people with a desire to help one another.

In addition to the Penny Forward FaceBook group, Penny Forward has a vibrant podcast which covers an incredible amount of topics in a very easy-to-understand way. I also love that many of the podcasts focus on people with their own stories of success, success as defined by them whether that be purchasing a home, retiring, or anything else related in some way to finances. These stories help me to remember that success is really an individualized thing and that helps me better refine what success means to me personally.

If you would like to learn more about Penny Forward, the podcast, the community, or what it’s all about, check out the Penny Forward home page. I have found Penny Forward to be a fantastic community and resource and hope you will too.

By Steve Sawczyn

Blind from birth, I do what I can to help make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

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