Feeling tired and uninspired, but why let that hold me back?

OK I know that’s not my best post title ever, but as the day winds down, it’s a title that honestly reflects how I’m feeling. The tired thing is explainable, I’ve had a long work day and then I helped a friend with some technology stuff during the evening. But it’s the uninspired part I want to write about today.

Often, when I’ve asked people why they don’t start their own blog, a common response I get is something like, “oh, nobody would be interested in anything I have to write about.” This makes me sad because I firmly believe that every life contains a story and blogging is a fantastic way to tell that story. And while it would be cool to have thousands of readers — it’d be one heck of an ego trip — the reality is that a story does not require readership to make it valid or meaningful.

I find inspiration in stories, I love reading about the things people do, the experiences people have, the passions that drive them. I consider it an honor when someone is willing to share their story with me because it gives me an opportunity to have a rare glimpse into their life, to learn something new, to maybe shift my own understanding or perceptions about things and that helps me grow as a person.

So, while I might be feeling tired and uninspired, I hope that someone, somewhere, will read this and maybe be inspired to start their own blog someday. Remember, you have your own fascinating story to tell and whether you have a thousand readers or none, your story is unique in only a way that you can tell it.

So, what to blog about? I’ve blogged about a variety of things such as my experiences with Android in 2016, I blogged about how I used OneNote to help me manage a medical crisis, I blogged about the first time I drank coconut milk, directly from a coconut, I blogged about my first impressions of India when I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit. I have no idea how many people read those entries — maybe nobody — but all of them make up just a fraction of the story that is my life. In short if you’re remotely considering starting a blog, but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t over-think it, just write. Write about what you’re doing right now. Write about what you hope to do. Write about a trip you’re taking, or maybe one you’ve already taken. Write about something you believe in. Write about something that has meaning to you. And if you do start that blog, let me know in the comments here or on my contact form as I’d love to check it out.

By Steve Sawczyn

Blind from birth, I do what I can to help make the web an accessible destination for all.

8 replies on “Feeling tired and uninspired, but why let that hold me back?”

Hey Steve. It’s Ayoola again.

Two days ago, I found inspiration in your post about the accessibility field, your journey through it as well as what accessibility means to you and the qualities you consider most essential for a successful career in this field.

This current post is equally just as inspiring to me. It felt like you were writing with me in mind.

I have always wanted to start not just one blog but about two or three. One thing I have been doing which your post advises against is overthinking the idea and the process.

While I am prepared to stop overthinking those concerns, I guess I let myself be held back by another concern: How will I find, choose and use the appropriate photos and visuals for my posts?

This is important to me because I want to reach an audience beyond the blind community.

It sure will be lovely to know how you get around finding, selecting and using photos for your blog posts particularly if you are totally blind like I am.

Thank you already.


Wow, I am really glad that you are enjoying my blog. You raised a very interesting question and I would love to talk about some of the techniques I’ve used especially were visual content is concerned. In fact, I think you have given me a great idea for a future blog post. 🙂


You’re absolutely right, stories definitely connect us and it is such a powerful thing. 🙂 having our own individual story is ironically one of the things that all of us have in common.


You had some while you may have felt small inconsequential topics- hey drinking coconut milk straight from the coconut is not something everyone does or experiences and it’s such a healthy thing to do- I did a vlog about eating a Durian for the first time… had a strong after taste if I recall correctly but it was good and honestly very healthy for you too. Anyhow, Keep motivated, blogging, don’t stop one word to the wise- hey you had me stop and check out your blog….hopefully you will do the same- today I was inspired by a fellow author and a fellow blogger we can and need to inspire each other. Although in today’s blog post, I talk about how I lost those who inspired and motivated me in life. But made a promise to move on strong to earn something in the end.


Thank you so much for your comment, definitely looking forward to checking out your blog. 🙂 One of the things I’m really trying to do in this challenge is overcome the idea that whatever I have to say is inconsequential. The coconut milk story is a good example of this, when I wrote it, I wasn’t sure anyone would actually read it let alone care. But I’m glad I shared it because it was definitely a unique experience. 🙂


Thank you so much, I really do appreciate the positive words of encouragement. So far, the challenge has been a lot of fun and I’m glad I finally decided to give it a try.


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