Sticking with Posterous for now, I’ve given Tumblr enough time.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether to use Posterous or Tumblr. I’ve decided, for now, to stick with Posterous. OK, it’s not as stylistic as Tumblr, but it does offer an accessible way to play audio and other media content and that’s something Tumblr doesn’t seem willing to do. If you follow my blog via Twitter, or Facebook, there’s nothing you need to do as Posterous is posting to both services. If, however, you’re subscribed to the RSS feed, please subscribe to the new blog. For those who access via a favorite, or bookmarked link, please update to reflect the new blog.

I really like Tumblr, it’s a great blogging platform and offers a wonderful sense of community. Unfortunately, until they make their media player more accessible, it’s just not an option for me.

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