My trip to Utah, observations about people

For those unaware, I am in Utah for the NFB of Utah’s State Convention.  Whenever I travel, it always interests me to notice how people interact with one another and today was definitely a good day to observe such things.

My flight from Portland to Detroit was rather uninteresting and uneventful, nobody really spoke to each other, everyone kept busy pretending to work or pretending to sleep, anything to avoid actually talking to the person next to them.  The second leg of my trip, from Detroit to Salt Lake City, was the exact opposite with people not only talking to one another, but in some cases, sharing snacks and other food.  The thing I found the most interesting, however, was one enterprising woman who, in an effort to sell various products, started offering passengers free facials.  Had she done this on the Portland to Detroit route, I feel certain that someone would have shoved her out an emergency exit, but as this was the “friendlier” leg of the trip, she had many takers.

Another thing I find fascinating is that undoubtedly the second leg of my trip consisted of at least some of the same people from the first.  I just can’t imagine the people from the first part of my trip suddenly changing into folks who would not only share a snack, but  … accept a facial?

All this aside, I had a great trip and am excited to have the opportunity to visit Utah.

By Steve Sawczyn

Blind from birth, I do what I can to help make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for all.

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