Gabby’s last day at work.

Today was Gabby’s last day at work. For those who don’t know, Gabby is my daughter and in just ten days, she will be off to North Dakota State University where she plans to major in pediatric nursing. I’m super proud of her, she’s overcome a lot of medical and other challenges to get to this point and I know that she is going to make a fantastic pediatric nurse. Gabby’s passion for nursing really began because when she was going through her own medical issues, the pediatric nurses made such a difference in her life. And so today was her last day at work. She’s been working at two jobs and unlike so many kids today, has been saving her money for college. I’m super proud of her, but also a bit sad that in ten short days, she’ll be off to college and and whatever life holds in store for her.

And so while she prepares to journey forth and begin living the rest of her life, I need to start figuring out what comes next for mine. It truly is amazing just how fast time flies.

I know this blog entry is not very long, but today has been a day of reflection for me. And while I will certainly miss Gabby as she goes off to find her own path in life, I am very proud of the young woman she has become and I am excited to see how her life’s story will unfold.