• Are there any work-arounds to use categories with micro.blog-hosted blogs? Would like to group similar posts together and not sure this is doable on the current platform. Thoughts? @Help

  • Anyone know of any good Micro.blog clients for Android?

  • I have to give credit where credit is due. FaceBook on Android has been an accessibility mess for years, but today, I logged in to find it’s suddenly awesome. Kudos to the @FBAccess team. Absolutely amazing transformation. Thank you.

  • Skype previews SMS connect, I’m actually really excited about this. www.windowscentral.com/skype-pre…



  • It’s just a little ironic that I seem to always re-investigate Android accessibility around the time of Apple events.

  • I have just discovered nitro cold brew coffee and I think my entire concept of reality has changed. :-) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitr…

  • I keep hearing more and more about Mastodon. Anyone have recommendations for accessible clients? Any thoughts on Mastodon in general? I know next to nothing about it.

  • Just ordered via Uber Eats for the first time and can’t help but wonder if the drivers get to munch on a fry or two on the way? The bag’s not sealed, so who’s gonna know?

  • Going through some stuff at my father’s house, my brother unearthed printed Apple IIGS manuals. anyone have a use for such a thing – maybe a museum or library somewhere?

  • The Minnesota State fair is known for it’s incredible variety of foods, almost all of which can be found on a stick. This article details some of this year’s best and worst. twincities.eater.com/2018/8/24…

  • Ever wonder how to create user notifications, like in forms for in-line error validation? The W3C has great examples: https://www.w3.org/WAI/tutorials/forms/notifications/

  • Wondering: what’s the best way to share a link via Micro.blog? Is there a bookmarklet or some other way to make this easy?

  • To @Lyft or to @Uber, that is the question. I’ve been @Lyft loyalist for quite a wihle, but have to say, I’m impressed with @Uber’s latest app. Curious, which do y’all prefer?

  • I think one of the most frustrating things as a blind person is to try and find a dropped bottle cap on a carpeted floor. They’re almost silent when they land and sometimes, it seems they can slide miles away.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else think the audio quality of @Skype keeps getting worse and worse? Used to sound very rich, now sounds like I’m listening to a casette tape, an old casette tape at that.

  • Now that FaceBook won’t allow apps like Buffer and WordPress to post to personal profiles any more, I have to do a bit of rethinking about the best way for me to share on social media. So thanks, FaceBook, I totally wanted yet another problem to solve.

  • Is there some way to configure the Apple Watch such that custom text tones play on the phone even when the screen is locked and notifications go to the watch?

  • My heart felt like it was beating fast, so thought I’d check with the Heart Rate app on my watch. Data looked normal and then watch said, “no heart rate data.” If it wasn’t beating fast before, it sure is now.

  • Lol I’ve been wondering where almost everyone in my office has gone and why most afternoon meetings seem to have been cancelled without reason today. I just found them all, working hard, huddled around a TV watching the England/Croatia match. :)

  • I have just discovered Microsoft’s awesome social network platform, Yammer. I understand why Microsoft is building this out for business use, but if this were more open, I think a lot of folks would absolutely love it.

  • Needing to use Office 2013 on Windows 7 has helped me to appreciate, even more all the work @MSFTEnable and team have done to make Office 2016 and Windows 10 a better, more accessible experience.

  • Was researching VPN configuration and somehow wound up here; VPN configuration seems way less important now: www.pinterest.com/explore/s…

  • Dear kindly woman who suggested I try a lemon bar with today’s lunch, I want you to know that I consider having taken your advice to be one of the better life choices I’ve made. :)

  • Couldn’t be more excited about this new feature of Microsoft To-do which finally allows lists to be shared. @ToDoHelp. While it doesnt’ have all the advanced features of some of the other to-do apps out there, this one is my app of choice due to it’s simplicity an of course accessibility. I should also note that the Windows 10 app version of To-do is also very accessible.


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